Am I Ephraim?


How do you know?

If your heart has leaped on the inside if you have been searching and know there just has to be more than the church has been teaching, there has got to be more than the church has told us, YOU ARE EPHRAIM! If you believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, you are Ephraim.

You do not have to look one way or the other. People say “I have to be sure”. Well, let us give you a little more scripture. God said that if there should be a stranger come into the camp of Israel and if in fact, they would keep the Holy Covenant, then the blessings would come upon them as it comes upon Israel. You do not have to have proof.

That is why we say, if there is something that you have read here today that absolutely wants to make you get up and shout, then get up and shout Hallelujah!

God is bringing Ephraim home. The great thing is God is giving us time. That is what we are seeing all over North America. The Prophets and Ephraim International have videos preaching this message and are reaching across the world. We see people light up in their spirit man saying, “there is more!”

To think God chose this generation.  He chose you to be here at this time. Of all your forefathers it all came down to you. We’ve always said either one of two things happened: He either saved the best for last or we were all that was left. Well..we believe the best was saved until the last. We think on a positive note and that is exactly the way it is.

What a ride this is, to think you have an opportunity along with millions that are going to go back to the land. There will be no more wars because God will fight our battles and they will not come against us. to get to this point we have a lot of transition to go through together so we can truly walk in the spirt.

God will purpose their hearts and we will have all the land back that He originally gave to our forefathers. It is exciting and we want you to have that opportunity, so let us share that excitement with you.

We want to teach you what is important. People often say it is important to speak Hebrew. No! We will get to those kinds of things in time. What is important now is to get you established and have balance in the spiritual matters that govern this world.

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