Ephraim U

Ephriam U was developed to provide you a mentorship in your development of seeking the covenant and true spiritual transition.
The teaching was originally brought by the father through the Prophet Tom Deckard who mentored the 10 men and First Fruits and are retaught by teachers from Ephriam Intenralial Ministries
We have listed the teaching in the same order s taught to us with the expectation that we would study to show ourselves approved to the father
If you would like to register for Ephraim U lets us know and we will get you enrolled in classes.
You will need to study a scheduled weekly teaching/video and you will also be part of a set group who can participate in questions and answers from a teacher of that class.
You can keep adding classes and have time with a teacher who knows the material and can help you transition and build precept upon precept.
When ready you can move into the role of a fellowship leader or just keep participating in Ephriam U. We hope you join Ephriam U and take up the opportunity to be mentored

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