Ephraim’s Symbol

The two outside circles represent strength.

The Father at the top and the Son on his right hand.

The Holy Ghost, the comforter sent.

The House of Israel complete, not scattered, not divided.

The Menorah, the original symbol used by Israel.

The Star of David found on David’s shield then and the symbol recognized as Israel today.

Each point of the star and the valley has two colored sticks representing the two houses, one stick for the House of Judah and one stick for the House of Ephraim. The different colors represent the standards of each tribe.

It is written in Ezekiel the 37th chapter and can be heard in our video introduction, the two will become one.
To be part of the house of Israel you can belong by blood, or en-grafted in if you believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

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